A Big Whoop Indeed: Monkey Island’s Ending

Twenty years before Mass Effect 3, there was another video game that had a hugely controversial ending. It also happens to be a game that I played when I was very young. This game was Monkey Island 2.

(The Monkey Island games were the first real adventure games I’ve played-I still have good memories about them.)







Now, the whole “theme park” ending has been interpreted as controversial and bizzare. What struck me was that I didn’t think it was the case. I thought the straightforward interpretation-that it was nothing but an illusion made by LeChuck, was obvious, and so did an annoyed LPer.

Then a fansite laid out a case for the theme park ending including a quote from a developer (but not Ron Gilbert himself). Confusing things even more was that in the first drafts of the original Monkey Island, it was indeed intended to end as just a kid’s fantasy.

Gilbert personally pleads the fifth to any question about the ending, which is actually a bit of a red flag for me, since it would very easy to say that the “illusion ending” (which the makers of the non-Gilbert involved third game ran with) was real without giving away the titular “secret”.

Me. I still think it’s an illusion, but I’m slightly warming to a clunky sequel setup mixed with the ‘final’ theme park ending. I also believe that people are overthinking the ending to a comedy game.

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