The Wail Rid I Row Project

So, now I have time to put together something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Namely, start up an anthology of World War III fiction. The details can be viewed on my secondary blog devoted specifically to it, the Wail Rid I Row Project.

(Wail Rid I Row is an anagram of World War III.)

This is a passion project, everything will be free. I’ve been too critical for my own good-I want to help make fiction, not destroy it. I have modest expectations, but you never know.


Hyper cup phone

Dr. Mortimer Lafayette Blake Gordon had a hundred million eyes watching him.

“Good morning, my friends and brothers. Today, I am proud to announce the newest product from Dr. Gordons’ Communication Projects. This is the Dr. Gordon’s Hyper Cup Phone.

The phone can be cupped in your hand with greater ease than the Dr. Gordon’s Super Cup Phone or those available from rival phone firms. It has faster processing power than the Dr. Gordon’s Super Cup Phone. It is second to none.”

Dr. Gordon took a breath. The TV cameras saw.

“And, as always, the Dr. Gordon’s Hyper Cup Phone can attach with a pair of Dr Gordon’s Earphones to all past and present Dr. Gordon’s Weed Trimmers.”

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Written for this prompt.

Being myself

I’ve blogged here for over two years now, and my topics have ranged from the ultra-serious, as with the COIN wargaming post, to the silly and goofy, from the mundane to the strange.

It’s OK. I’ve spent so much time and effort long ago trying to be PLAIN AND NORMAL (caps on purpose) that didn’t work. I’m myself. Sometimes I have to remind myself of my own strength, and say “Coiler, be Coiler. You don’t have to be, or write like _____. Just be yourself.” And I’m taking that lesson to heart.

Being more tolerant of myself has also helped me become a lot more tolerant of other people and their tastes as well, I’ve found. So it’s very helpful and useful overall to me.



A New Month

So it’s November.

It’s gonna be real busy for me, so blogging may be limited in both number of posts and their content, especially in comparison to last month’s blast of posts.