World War 3 1987 Blog

I will share, for your pleasure and amusement, a blog┬áthat I recently found providing a “play-by-play” of a theoretical World War 3, the classic fiction and wargaming topic.

This is Third World War 1987. By my incredibly low standards (read: I’ve seen so many downright awful World War III stories on the internet that anything exceeding them is at least good in perspective) it’s good, and certainly readable. Not the best, but far, far, from the worst either.



Posting Multiple Times A Day Starts Now

I have never posted two blog posts in one day in the years I’ve been blogging. It’s become a sort of weird tradition. Part of it is that I like to take my time and get more involved with writing and/or thinking of posts, but the habit of “don’t post more than once a day” has become a kind of informal rule.

Well, now I’ve broken that rule. Hope this helps me blog better, and not just more.

100 posts in a year and counting

I was suffering from writer’s block, looked at the stats, and realized that the next post I’d make would be the 100th I’d made this year. So, I’m impressed by how much writing I’ve done so far.

100 posts in a year. Incredible.

The 100th Blog Post

This is the 100th post I’ve made since starting this blog. It’s been in many ways an incredible experience for me.

I hope the readers have had as much fun reading the 100 posts as I’ve had writing them.

My struggles and joy with a new PC

I now have a new gaming PC. It’s been a long time coming, and it’s been a mixed blessing.

See, I’ve had nothing but econo-computers (by the standards of the Moore’s Law cycle at the time) for literally my entire life. Getting a luxury computer is new to me, and I have to admit that going from undemanding plodders to a finicky high-performance beast is something that, in hindsight, got me in deeper than I expected.

But, from what has worked, the SSD-fueled tower is displaying great performance. It’s helping me learn about how to handle computers, and I still do not regret the purchase at all. (The musicians in my family have had issues with new electronic instruments that are very similar).