Bad Fiction Spotlight: The IG-88 Star

It’s a matter of controversy that the old Star Wars Expanded Universe was “decanonized” into “Legends” status. I personally think that it’s no big deal, because the best stuff from the Old EU can be and has been folded in (ie, Thrawn appearing in Rebels much the way characters like Harley Quinn moved from the show to the comics). There was a ton of clutter that Disney clearly didn’t want to deal with—

—and then there were some of the most egregious offenders. Stuff that wasn’t just out-of-place extradimensional beings  or “Dark Greetings From The Mofference” or just the sneering Imperial guy with the superweapon of the week. No, this was something that took an annoying trait and would have fundamentally changed the movie it was based on. Something that was the very first thing I mind-retconned out of my personal canon as not right.

That something was the short story “Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG-88“. The annoying trait was to turn everyone who appeared on screen for two seconds in the movie-in IG-88’s case, as one of the few bounty hunters on screen with Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back-, and make what felt like each and every one of them big and important and special somehow. And this was coming from Kevin J. Anderson, who’d already upstaged the movies with his super-superweapon. “YEAH, BUT THIS TOTALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE AND IS THE SIZE OF A FIGHTER AND DESTROYS FREAKING SYSTEMS DUUUUUDE!”

But on to the point. IG-88 decides that only droids deserve to live (gee, I wonder when Kev-I mean, he got that from?), takes control of a droid factory world, and then, after shenanigans (which include shoehorning his movie role in there almost as a clunky obligation), ends up uploaded into the second Death Star, where he’s about to broadcast his big signal and then gets destroyed.

It’s like the titular ring in Lord of The Rings being “revealed” in a far later, non-Tolkien authored book to secretly be about to activate an army of (anachronistic) zombies under the command of someone who appeared in one page in the first book when it fell into Mount Doom. Or Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter being “revealed” to be on the verge of inadvertedly signalling an array of alien robots to destroy the world when he’s defeated, all at the behalf of a Muggle mailman who had a small cameo four books ago. That’s how weird, bad, and inappropriate this whole mess is.

Stuff like this makes me not sorry the Old EU got tossed.