Skeleton Coast reviewed on Fuldapocalypse

So, I’ve finally reviewed Clive Cussler’s Skeleton Coast on Fuldapocalypse.

Cussler was one of my favorite authors growing up, and the first real cheap thriller author I read in bulk. I read lots of Cussler’s (even if, by this point in his career, most of the actual work was done by other people), and a book review is long overdue. So why not choose one of the most memorable?

2 thoughts on “Skeleton Coast reviewed on Fuldapocalypse

  1. I read Clive Cussler’s originals when I was a teen, Raise the Titanic, Night Probe, et al. I particularly loved the opening historical scenes which would set the background for the adventure later.


  2. I too am a longtime reader of Cussler. As it happened Sahara was the first I ever picked up, and way back when found it something of a revelation-that a novel could read like a summer blockbuster (which was not just what I wanted as a reader, but back then what I aspired to as a writer). I must admit, though, that after reading the older books I felt that was his peak, and never really paid much attention to the coauthored novels. I think I might check this one out, though.


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