Technothriller Games

The role of video games in the decline of the technothriller cannot be discounted. Beyond this, looking at just how closely they matched is fascinating to me.

The first (Splinter Cell) is very unsurprising. The plots of the first few Splinter Cell games match the themes and formats of contemporary technothrillers almost exactly. What else would you expect from a game bearing the “Tom Clancy’s” name?

The second (Metal Gear) is a little trickier, thanks to Kojima’s er, “eccentricity”. The technothriller influence is still definitely there, and at least the original, more grounded Metal Gear Solid is still not that much worse, if at all, than some of the more out-there entries in the genre (which definitely exist).

One thought on “Technothriller Games

  1. Definitely agree about the role of gaming in the decline of techno-thrillers, and other action-adventure fiction for that matter. (I suspect gaming, especially action-themed gaming, did much to reduce the market for Gold Eagle-style paperbacks. Why read a shoot ’em up when you can play one anywhere, anytime?)
    In fact, I expect that when I revisit the subject (I have in mind a follow-up book concentrating on the ’80s to today), I expect I will devote far more of it to gaming proportionally.
    My two cents on the matter for now:

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