I’m straining to write stuff that is isn’t in my comfort zone.

Being a critic makes it hard to be a writer, because I feel hypocritical for going through the steps of a beginner.

You know what? Maybe I should write what is. I should just write something big in a sort of ‘historical narrative’ tone I’m comfortable with. Get at least one novella out of my system that way.



One thought on “Maybe I should just write what works

  1. I’ve found, personally, that this is the only way that works – just write out one draft and leave the critical voice locked up until that draft is finished. But it’s taken me years to get to that point, where I could do it. And I’m still not sure I can do it for anything longer than a short novel of about 100 pages, which is my best effort so far. But I’m 43 now and I could’ve written a lot more if only I had dared make that critical voice shut the fuck up and not begin to edit my stuff before it was finished and then bog down. Those years and those missed opportunities, not just for ‘fame and fortune’ but also for personal satisfaction of creative expression – they will never come back. I lost them, and not in translation. I didn’t even get to translation … I was busy pushing commas back and forth, polishing, yadayada. So please go with that feeling and get that novella out. Then worry about the rest afterwards. You will be glad you did.


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