This Command Fiction is based on one of my most infamous outliers in the scenario editor-a low-end enemy sub that never realized it was under attack yet nonetheless took four advanced torpedoes to bring down. There was nothing wrong in gameplay terms, it was just a series of unlucky dice rolls.

_ _ _ _ _ _

That was the nature of submarines. Very quiet. And apparently, the first postwar firing of torpedoes in anger had the same problem that the first World War II torpedoes had. They apparently weren’t reliable.

The target was hit and sunk (and by the looks of it, never even noticed until it was too late), and the launcher still had plenty of torpedoes. But still, having three torpedoes miss before a fourth finally ran true was a call for much investigation.

History apparently repeated itself after all. Maybe this time, the successors of the Bureau of Ordnance would be more cooperative.



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