This isn’t based on any real scenario, rather on my amusing editor experiments. For a while I used Mauritania as my testing ground, and it reflects here.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

The sandstorm revealed hundreds if not thousands of aircraft wrecks, enough dropped bombs to rival the Plain of Jars, and among them a hundred SR-71s. A hundred. The investigator wondered if that many had even been built. Around the wreckage of an airbase, twice as many MiG-21s lay broken.

Off the coast, the search took longer. But they’d already found the sunken hulls of twenty Kirovs and five Nimitzes.

What was going on here? What was-

Suddenly, one the search vessels disappeared.

The crew of the other search ship saw a warship screaming towards them. Its guns blazing, they stood no chance. Far away, someone watched.

“So that’s how many 76mm shells it takes to sink a civilian tug.”

_ _ _ _ _

Happy Halloween!


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