To be a bus driver in the infamous sport known as Ring the Gong is a terrifying experience. Cages separating the passengers and driver do not work-the fans are that bad. The only safe system is to remotely control the bus from a neighboring car. Even that is iffy.

Here is a sample report, courtesy of the ████████████. Such incidents happen around every game of the sport.


-There were two buses, each holding roughly fifty fans.

-One of the buses was found lying on its side about a hundred feet off the road, with skid marks and waving tracks. Seven fans were both alive and immobile enough to have not escaped already. These were taken to the hospital.

-The other bus was intact, stopped, and totally abandoned.

-One of the control cars, as is par for the course, sped away after the accident. The other tried to speed away but crashed itself. The occupants had long since fled.

-There was no sign of overt foul play.

-The seven survivors screamed at the paramedics to take them to the game instead.




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