A Precedent For Ring The Gong

Have I found examples of the human body withstanding, during the course of a sporting event, multiple examples of climbing up-and then being knocked down from, a large pit, as per my fictional sport of Ring the Gong?

I have, in the form of the infamous Mick Foley vs. The Undertaker wrestling match.

Basically, here’s what happened. Instead of being in the cage, they climbed on top of the cage. Foley was tossed off and hit the announcer’s table (in a clearly planned move) that still knocked him out. Getting off the stretcher and resuming the match, he was slammed through the cage and knocked out again (with a chair landing on him for “good measure”, but got on his feet and somehow finished as intended.

(Whether or not the second fall was planned is debated-Foley denies it altogether, and Terry Funk insists it was supposed to be gradual but ended up being sudden. I have a feeling it was “planned somewhat but ended up being more dangerous than anticipated”)

What this says about Ring the Gong is twofold:

-That a person can indeed survive drops from a high altitude in a sporting match.

-That they could not continue in a legitimate sport.

Now, I could handwave it away by “padding”, or I could say that falling is indeed a death sentence for Ring the Gong players, depending on how violent I want the sport to be.


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