So, I shelved Attack of the Mosaics in favor of a story that I also shelved. Thankfully, I can return the former to service-as a Command scenario set/campaign. Right now it’s still nothing more than basic editor strength experiments, and like many other campaigns, it could very well end up as part of the giant trash pile. But I’m oddly attached to it because the setting works well with Command.

  • The most obvious is the setting involving military equipment.
  • The “multiversal” nature of the setting means I can include anything I want.
  • The (REDACTED) “rules” mean I can go from semi-realistic surplus fleets to superpowered aircraft carriers launching A-12s, all controlled by the seemingly private army.
  • Similarly, the antagonists can be as plausible or implausible as can be.
  • Mosaic has a general “No nation-states, please”, approach to contracts, except in unusual circumstances. They don’t like the political wranglings of fighting nations, and will resort to training and support-even that is iffy if their would-be client has gotten into something it can’t handle.
  • Of course, there are exceptions…

So, I can theoretically make something only somewhat exaggerated, and I can make something as out-there as the old “Ancient Armies, Modern Weapons” I did, all in the same campaign. What’s not to like?


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