Skylight is an indie RPG that was created by a developer with far more enthusiasm than programming skill. The game was a sort-of sequel to an infamous one known as The Demon Rush, legendary for its inefficient programming. (The TV Tropes pages for both can serve as a brief introduction)

So, a few years ago, to have something to do over a long December (always, traditionally one of my most stressful times-I do not like holidays or winter), I got Skylight.

I made it all the way to the final boss before returning to normal and going “what was I playing?” (Not that the story was much good, but I did see the ending in a Let’s Play later on).

Now, as a game, Skylight is an embarrassing failure. The music is terrible (one infamous song had two parts in two different keys going at once), the graphics look like scribbled isometric designs because they are, the mechanics try to be deeper than they actually are, and the plot is a dumbly escalating mess that never acknowledges its own craziness (for one example, it has groups called the New Canadian Order and Neo De-Confederates).

Boss fights are either boring and easy smash-fests or incredibly hard ones that require a specific build to win at all. Normal battles are incredibly repetitive due to the total lack of variety among opponents.
And yet-the game accomplished its purpose by keeping me occupied for that time. In that sense, it was the worst success I’ve played.


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