While I was playing yesterday, it struck me-I can’t do conventional game reviews. Not because of any “weighted slider” issues, but just that I see a numbered scale as meaningless. Going beyond that, I’ve found the technical quality of a game is often separate from how much I enjoyed it.

Some games are still easy to say I love (Command Modern Air Naval Operations), and hate (Zombie Zoeds, the game with the clunkiest controls I’ve seen ). But for most others, it’s more complex.

-Hotline Miami is a good game-but is too hard for me. Invisible Inc, like I’ve said before, is a well-made game-which is let down by design decisions. A lot of good games nonetheless have no replay value. Payday is a clunky, unbalanced, over-DLCed game perched precariously on an engine that can barely support a game like it-but it’s also fun. Black Closet has great mechanics, but I need to be in a state of mind I don’t get often to really enjoy it. And so on…

Sometimes I just need a time-filler, and even if I complain about the game later, it accomplishes its purpose if it fills the time. Sometimes the game requires me to have time and a mood I don’t have much of. If it’s too hard, I won’t like it.

So none of these complexities can be expressed in a simple numbered review.


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