In my list of games I like to play, I’ve previously mentioned my liking of Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game. In that game, I’ve built all sorts of cars in it. However, there are a few ones that I keep fine-tuning. Not in terms of any specific file, but a general class of cars.




Kabans (the name comes from a Russian word for “boar”), are compact cars that I build with the following characteristics/priorities.


-Good off-road performance.

-Fuel efficiency via direct injection and light panel materials.

-Modest attempts at cost control.


I’ve built a line of Kabans ranging from early 2000s ones to contemporary designs. Most get decent enough grades in the tycoon part, and are fun to build (if not ride in, given that I make the suspension prioritize ruggedness over smoothness).




Breakout-Cars are the nickname I give to my array of designs that I took a particular interest in with the engineering and tooling cost changes in the latest update. They represent budget cars built by countries with revving up (no pun intended) auto industries. The goal is simplicity-simple parts that could theoretically be made easier by domestic suppliers, and simple construction.


Thus the only advantage of breakout-cars (especially for a developed-world consumer) is their price. The first breakout-car was so bad that I nicknamed it “Crappy-Car”. Hideous acceleration, pollution, and fuel consumption made it a car people would only buy if they had no other choice. Later cars are better, but still not ideal.




And of course, there are the high-end luxury and sports cars. The exact opposite of breakout-cars, they’re simple to explain-high end in everything, including cost.

I like seeing the production numbers, even if “cars per day” is misleading.. A large plant can produce over a thousand Kabans a day, and smaller plants (to represent the still-lacking physical capital) make slightly fewer breakout-cars. But for the super-luxury ones-small plants and perfect attention to detail means that for the two plant sizes I used, it maxed out at three and four cars a day.
So, enjoy a ride in your Kaban, or, worse, breakout-car that the next Malcolm Bricklin wants to import.


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