I look back at my older Command scenarios, the product of someone who was newer to both the game and the platforms it represented. While there was much to be tinkered-with and approved (and not just to take advantage of the many changes added since I made them), there is also something more-well, I don’t know the word for it, about the products made by someone who’s still figuring everything out, rather than one who knows it by heart. Interesting? Creative?


The main reasons for my lack of scenario creation (from around once a month at worst to several since I’ve submitted one to the community pack), involve being busy with other things. But I think there’s a sort of valley I’m in as well.


The valley is that I’m finding smaller scenarios to be less interesting (not totally uninteresting, but less interesting) to make, while bigger (not necessarily bigger in the number of units, but in the complexity of the scenario itself) scens require a lot more effort.

My old philosophy is changing. Small and willingly rough just isn’t as satisfying as it was.

I may, as I decide on a writing project and rev it up, make even less Command scenarios. While understandable given my scheduling, this is also sad-because making them is something I greatly enjoyed. Or I may recover from my scenario-valley and unleash more on the community pack. I’m still extremely active with Command-just not making and submitting scenarios.
Whatever the outcome, I feel like I should either slow down or push faster. Still, submitting over twenty scenarios I’ve made to the community pack isn’t bad.


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