One of the things I’ve been looking at lately, and which seems to be an interest that comes back every so often, has been different types of camouflage patterns, from the earliest interwar designs to the pixelated present.

As for some of my favorite designs, I’d have to say the Swedish M90 is my choice. However, and this is vital-one of the things that makes patterns stand out for me is how obscure they are. Hence, a privately-made pattern only worn by limited units, or one made by a small country, seems to have more of a novelty factor to than a huge standard-issue one. And that novelty factor seems to make it look better.

So, if something like the M90 was used as American standard issue, I’d still think it decent, but would probably have a lower opinion of it. If the classic M81 Woodland was just some obscure pattern, it still probably wouldn’t be my favorite, but I’d think more highly of it. This may seem weird. But I like novelties, and that like is certainly not limited to camouflage patterns.  (This is also why I like 1950s fighter jets with strange shapes, for instance).


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