The games I can get the most into are the ones I play the least.

This may seem contradictory, so I’ll explain. I’m tired after a long day, and the choice is this. I can play a game with difficult mechanics and/or a huge quantity of text to read. Or I can play one that has very simple and/or memorized mechanics and doesn’t have much of a “failure” option.

Which sounds more appealing?

But just having free time often isn’t there-for the complex games, I often find I have to be in the right mood. I do enjoy them when I’m in such a mood, but without it-it’s not much fun to blearily stumble through a game your mind isn’t in the right state to enjoy.

My most-played games for my “low-thought mode” are:

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations. Much more if you count the standalone version. Although an extremely complex game, it’s very easy for me (thanks to my mastery) to just make a tiny scenario in the editor, or even look at the database viewer.

Payday 2: Run Four Stores, Jewelry Store, or something similar on a low enough difficulty that it can be engaging without overly challenging.

_ _ _ _ _

Looking at my playtimes, you have:

-Freeform games like Kerbal Space Program and Automation.

-More linear games of all genres. Beat them (if possible) and then be done with it (sometimes). These can be a few hours, or they can be something like XCOM Enemy Unknown, which was much longer.

_ _ _

Pretty interesting to look at. There’s a huge paradox between a game I’m eager to dig into being played infrequently and one I know well being played often, but that’s how I play.


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