Here’s an example of the same unit in Command simulating two different opponents. This is a kind of follow-up to a post of mine on Baloogan Campaign dealing with exercise scenarios. An aggressor squadron of F-16s, unnamed but based on the 18th Aggressor Squadron, is deployed.


All of the F-16s are the same unit, but have vastly different loadouts. The top six are there to simulate a “light OPFOR”, and are armed solely with short-range missiles. Now, it is worth noting that an ace-proficiency F-16 equipped with high-off boresight missiles is going to be a tougher opponent than say, a scrounged-up MiG-21, but the point of the exercise scenario is to provide a worst-case opponent, while still keeping said opponent in the same general category as the potential foe.

The bottom six are primarily armed with long-range AIM-120 AMRAAMs. Their goal is to simulate a “heavy OPFOR” equipped with more modern, higher-end equipment. They’re still there to provide the greatest possible challenge to the player’s side, and would likely be paired with different aircraft types to simulate even more capable fighters in a truly gigantic scenario.

For an exercise scenario, the same “actor” can play multiple types of “character”.


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