See, I don’t really know what to write. I want to write a narrative web serial fiction, but I have so many concepts and only one that I could really focus on. The ones I’ve narrowed it down to are (working titles, I know they’re bad):

“One, Two, Three, Dead”-the story of a disturbed man who is given a chance to change history and be on top of his fate-if he becomes the mysterious agent known as the “Four of Spades”.

“Todd, Jane, and Steve’s Amazing Xenotech Adventure”-this is a screwball, goofier story about a guy recruited to work in a dead-end convenience store no one goes to-except people seeking “xenotech”, since the store is a front for a mysterious agency.

“Attack of the Mosaics”-a more conventional military thriller about the multiverse’s biggest “contractor”.

All three would take place in the same setting, which I made extremely broad on purpose.

I’ll be posting the first draft chapters of all three later. For now, comments are welcome.


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