Command Scenario Editor Introduction, Part 2

Ok, now I’m going to add weapons to the aircraft. First step is to see the sidebar.

After adding an aircraft via the means described in the previous post, click on Magazines. Then go to “Add Weapon Record”, and you should only see weapons compatible with the aircraft hosted on the base.

Add as much as necessary (never hurts to add more), then check on “Aircraft”.

Go to Ready/Arm, and you should see something like this:

You see what the base allows. For the sake of the editor you can use “ready immediately” to save time.

To help players with this, I’ve made an unconventional scenario. Players need not add the exact type of plane I did to get a fighter airborne and shoot down the target.  All you need to do is edit in an aircraft, arm it, and shoot down the transport.

The scenario can be found here.

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